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Stinky Stuff Carrier Oil


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Product Description

To make a rub we recommend mixing STINKY STUFF 50:50 with STINKY STUFF CARRIER OIL (or 1:10 if your dog has sensitive skin or if using on sensitive areas eg face, etc & gradually increase to 50:50 if necessary).
Massage a light coverage well into the skin so it absorbs with the dog’s skin oils (do NOT allow product to build up on the skin)..

Use STINKY STUFF mixed with STINKY STUFF CARRIER OIL once a day, until you are on top of things. Your STINKY STUFF rub can then be used 2-3 times per week to create a protective barrier or effective insect repellant.

STUFF CARRIER OIL will also help your STINKY STUFF last much longer whilst ensuring you still get maximum effectiveness from the product.

If any areas become sensitive, wash thoroughly & discontinue use until area is no longer sensitive. Also applying aloe vera regularly will quickly help settle any sensitivity.