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How to measure your dog for a harness

Meet our our 2 favourite pin-up girls Poppy & Daisy modelling our new range of fleece collars and harnesses. They’re here to show us how to measure your dog for a harness the right way. Aren’t they beautiful. They had such fun having their harnesses and collars fitted. This cheeky pair tried out all the dog beds in the shop for comfort and were rewarded with plenty of tasty treats for their cooperation which made their visit even more enjoyable. Read on to discover how to make measuring a harness just as stress-free with your own dog.

Dogs, Poppy and Daisy, show how to measure your dog for a harness

Reassuring your Dog

Most harness manufacturers size the harness by girth. To find the girth of your dog, measure around the middle just behind the dogs front legs to determine the correct size. If you find your dog is between sizes, choose the next size up and adjust to the smallest setting.

Give lots of praise and treats when first measuring your dog for a harness as they may be unsure about the feel of the straps at first. Reassure your dog that all is well and leave the harness on for at least half an hour and keep putting on and taking off if he is unsure.

Remember not one size fits all and that’s why we offer a fitting service at Quadrant Pet Supplies to make sure you get the right harness or collar size for your dog.

Choosing the Right Harness

Coming in a range of colours and sizes the fleece harnesses offer comfort without scratching, rubbing or causing hot spots round the neck or under the armpits. The wide fleece covered straps sit on the shoulders and distribute round the dogs body evenly making it so comfortable for them whilst walking.  The fleece dog harnesses are easy to put on and take off with no weaving around the legs or neck which some dogs may find uncomfortable or distressing. Fleece dog harnesses are particularly good for deep chested dogs such as Greyhounds and Dobermans as the figure 8 design sits comfortably on their chest without bagging round the girth as some other designs do.

The fleece collars also come in a variety of colours. Always choose the widest collar possible for your dog as a wide well fitting collar will distribute the weight of the dog over a wider area of the dog’s throat and neck when it is lunging or pulling on the lead. Dogs throats and the neck are very sensitive areas and choosing too thin a collar is like a noose, digging into the skin and muscles of the neck, causing damage to the nerves that send messages between the head and the body.

Both the harnesses and collars are machine washable at 40·C and are proudly made in the UK.

Pop in store at Quadrant Pet Supplies and discover how to measure your dog for a harness with our fantastic fitting service. You’ll be amazed!

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