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So here we go again…..we must really all try to refrain from mixing together as much as possible in order to reduce the spread. We are open and practicing social distancing in store which ca be challenging in our little … Continue reading


Following Boris’ address to the nation on Saturday I would like to assure our customers that we will remain open.  However to ensure the safety of staff and customers we will be imposing the following guidelines We stongly encourage call … Continue reading


During these  unprecedented times the shop is remaining open, however restricted access is being monitored by us.  Only one person from your family group allowed in the shop, whilst practicing social distancing.  Please only come to the shop for essential … Continue reading

Be Parasite Free

How do you start an insect race? One, two, flea go! All jokes aside parasites are a very common problem to all pet owners and regular prevention and treatment are very important as parasites are not just distressing for your … Continue reading

How to Care for Guinea Pigs

A guinea pig can be an ideal first pet. Small and sociable, they require less commitment than a cat or a dog, but are a really rewarding addition to the family. While guinea pigs don’t need to be walked or … Continue reading

Choosing the Perfect Dog Breed

The decision to welcome a new dog into your home is an exciting one – but it can raise lots of questions. If you haven’t owned a dog before, there are several issues you will need to consider carefully before … Continue reading

What should I feed my puppy?

Puppies have very different nutritional needs from adult dogs. During its first year of life your puppy should grow to its full size. As well as going through huge developmental changes, they’re also brimming with energy, so a diet providing … Continue reading

Travelling With Pets: The Dos and Don’ts

If you are taking your dog, cat or other pet away with you then you’ll face a sizeable to-do list to ensure they will be happy, safe and legal. There are also a few things you should definitely avoid! Find … Continue reading

Choosing A Pet Sitter That’s Right For You

Your pet is part of your family. So if you have to leave them behind to go away on holiday or business, choosing a pet sitter can be a really difficult decision. Nobody else will be able to replace your … Continue reading

Clumping vs non-clumping cat litter: Which is best?

It’s one of the less glamorous aspects of cat ownership but it can’t be avoided: making sure your cat has somewhere hygienic to go to the toilet is a very important responsibility. If you’re using a litter tray you may … Continue reading

Dealing with the deadly European Tick Disease in dogs

British dog owners should be on the alert for canine babesiosis, a fatal tick disease in dogs, following its recent spread to the UK for the first time. Thought to have been imported from mainland Europe, new cases of this … Continue reading

Don’t Forget the Birds

I frequently hear people saying that they’ve stopped feeding the birds now that Spring is here. Why? Because, they say, there is plenty of food around. Well, it’s actually very important to feed wild birds all year round. During the … Continue reading