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Be Parasite Free

How do you start an insect race? One, two, flea go!

All jokes aside parasites are a very common problem to all pet owners and regular prevention and treatment are very important as parasites are not just distressing for your pets but they also carry harmful diseases which can affect you and your beloved pets.


At Quadrant Pet Supplies we are lucky to have fully trained SQP’s in store to advise you with the best course of action to prevent those pesky parasites, with having in store SQP’s we are also able to sell you high quality veterinary strength products.


We stock a selection of flea and worming products to suit all sizes of dogs and cats, Advantage flea treatment is one of the spot on flea treatments we stock in store and this will keep working on your pet for 4 weeks fighting of those little biters. Another popular brand we stock is Frontline, we actually hold the superior version which is Frontline Plus which not only kills and prevents fleas on your pet but it also kill the flea eggs and larvae which drop off into your home and can become a much more long term problem. Ignoring fleas in your house can lead to an ongoing battle with fleas as they can lay dormant for a very long time and hatch when you may least expect.

Let’s talk about worms now, well done if you have made it this far into the blog as parasites are not always for the faint hearted.  Worms can cause a whole lot of upset and discomfort for our pets internally and externally, many of us have seen our dogs scooting their bums across the floor which can be a very common sign of worms.

Just like with our flea treatments we hold the best brands such as Drontal wormer which will kill off round and tapeworm in your pet, vets advise worming dogs and cats every 3 months and if you have a cat that hunts it is best to do every month as rodents and birds often carry worms.


If you are ever unsure of anything regarding protecting your pets against parasites please feel free to pop in to Quadrant Pet Supplies to speak to one of our friendly staff for some expert advice.

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